Southeast Colorado Hospital Ambulance Service


SECH Ambulance Service Logo BlueAs one of only two emergency medical services agencies in the county, Southeast Colorado Hospital Ambulance Service takes seriously the responsibility to provide our citizens with the high quality care they need.

The ambulance team—now comprised of four full-time staff and a handful of dedicated volunteers and part time workers—logs thousands of hours and miles during an average year in addition to hours of training to keep certifications current.

Currently, SECH Ambulance Service runs two full-service ambulances, one transfer ambulance, an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Intercept Unit, and a Quick Response Team unit based in Campo, Colorado. Click here for an article describing our current status.

Services provided by SECH Ambulance Service include:

911 Response

Basic and Advanced Life Support

Community Event Stand-by

Fire Stand-by

Emergency Medical Ground Transfer to Higher Levels of Care

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History of Southeast Colorado Hospital Ambulance Service

Founded in 1969, SECH Ambulance has served our region for over 50 years. The current station houses ambulance bays, a classroom, offices, storage, and sleeping quarters for on-duty staff. Check out the links for additional history of Baca County and SECH Ambulance Service.

Supporting SECH Ambulance

Springfield EMS Association supports the ambulance service in various ways.

First, they seek funding in order to help keep our EMS teams updated with the highest quality equipment and skills. This includes grant-writing, fundraisers, and at times, purchasing top-of-the-line equipment like cardiac monitors/defibrillators.

In addition, the EMS Association provides educational opportunities to keep our community a safe and healthy place to live and work.