Our Partners

Southeast Colorado Hospital District

As the parent organization of Southeast Colorado Hospital Ambulance Service, the mission of SECHD is “to focus on the well-being of people in our service area through programs designed to achieve and sustain a state of good health”. The hospital seeks “to provide a comprehensive health care system for our isolated rural service area.” SECHD is led by Chief Executive Officer, David Engel, and the Board of Directors.

Learn more at sechosp.org.

Southern & Southeastern Colorado Regional Emergency Trauma Advisory Council

“The Southern and Southeastern Colorado RETAC Advisory Boards are made up of a group of county commissioner-appointed individuals who volunteer their time to support the EMS and Trauma System. Each of the individuals deserves recognition in their ongoing dedication and commitment in improving EMS and Trauma Care for the sick and injured citizens within the Southern and Southeastern Colorado RETAC regions.” -SEC-RETAC

Learn more at secretac.org

medical helicopter

CareConnect / Reach Air Medical Services

Southern Colorado CareConnect air ambulance base, located in La Junta, Colorado, is operated by REACH Air Medical Services. The program is the result of six years of diligent communication and action between REACH and Parkview Medical Center to provide emergency air medical transport to the Southern Colorado region. Dr. John L. McDonald founded REACH Air Medical Services in 1987, and since then the company has expanded to become part of the Global Medical Response family of companies. Their mission is “In every situation, do what is right for the patient.”

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Eagle Med

“EagleMed is a privately owned and operated air medical transport service. A subsidiary of Air Medical Group Holdings since August 2009, EagleMed has been in business for over thirty years. The company began operations in 1977 and conducted its first “dedicated” air medical transport patient flight on September 1st, 1981. EagleMed is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS) and dedicates all facets of the company towards providing the highest quality patient care in the safest environment possible…EagleMed operates an extensive fleet of Beechcraft King Air fixed wing and Eurocopter A-Star rotor wing aircraft. All aircraft are completely configured and medially equipped for mission critical transports that transform the aircraft into a “flying ICU”.” -Eagle Med

Learn More at FlyEagleMed.com

Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado

The Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado is dedicated to furthering the highest quality of Emergency Medical Services in the State of Colorado by assisting EMS providers to realize their potential through innovative life-long learning, goal driven advocacy, and promotion of EMS professionalism.

Learn more at EMSAC.org